Manitoba Institute of Management Inc.

MIM Capability Profile

The Manitoba Institute of Management Inc. (MIM) engages in the practice, teaching and learning of management in contemporary society. MIM is independent of any particular source of finance and influence; our MIM Management Counsel pursue and undertake truly scientific and objective work.

Celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2010, MIM was founded in 1965 to provide management training services in Canada and internationally. In 1999, MIM, under new ownership and leadership, expanded its scope of interests to include the following management centres of excellence:

MIM is active worldwide, defining its market in terms of commercial, professional and educational relationships. Independence of thought, the opportunity to create new skills, development of knowledge and the financial viability of each undertaking, are guiding principles.

Management Counsel, the dedicated management practitioners and teachers in MIM understand the theory and practice of management, based on formal and informal education, and work experience. The importance of good and sensible management practices in the nourishment of a well-ordered and equitable society is the underlying value.

MIM is incorporated in the Province of Manitoba.